Worship commences at 10am on each Sunday.

Our regular community worship service is held every Sunday morning at 10am, followed by morning tea in the foyer, and an open invitation to continue fellowshipping over lunch at Eastgate Mall. 

The service has a relaxed style with a variety of people (of all ages) leading.

We also have a Sunday School and a Creche for children and youth.

Communion also termed (the Eucharist and Holy Communion in other Christian traditions) is celebrated on the first, third and fifth Sunday of the month. We encourage and invite all who attend to share in the sacrament (an open table).

We also host a small healing service in the evenings of 5th Sundays at 7pm in the Tilford Lounge.

We are currently nearing the end of a preaching series called “Gospel MAPS: Metaphors, Analogies, Parables, and Similes of Jesus.”  You can listen to full services, or skip around to various parts on our podcast 

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Eastern Churches Together

The Eastern Churches Together network comprises 4 congregations in east Christchurch. The Churches involved are: St Georges/Iona, New Brighton Union, Port Hills Unting Parish, and Linwood Avenue Union Church. ECT intentionally share resources; hold services at one venue on the fifth Sunday of the month; the ordained ministers meet regularly and share a pastoral responsibility for a parish or two, when one is on holiday; support each other;  have a collaborative approach to ministry and mission and know the church can express its faith and ministry in greater depth when the body of Christ is working together rather than in separation.

Men’s Breakfast

The next Men’s Breakfast will be Sunday Dec 8th, before church at 8am. Come for breakfast and a Q&A session/story time with the Pastor, Jonathan Barb.

Church Fair

We hold two church fairs annually. The next fair will be Sat, Nov 30th from 10am-Noon. Come and grab an assortment of trinkets and goodies for yourself, or for that special Christmas present, or final stocking stuffer – books, clothes, plants, jams and preserves, a whole bunch of step toe and knick knacks, and more! 





Sunday, December 15th: Our Sunday School and Girls Brigade children will be leading the service.

Tuesday, December 24th: There will be 2 Christmas Eve services. 

Our primary Christmas Eve service will be an early evening family and community service with story telling, skits, crafts, and dinner. 5pm.

We will also host a midnight service for those who like to keep it traditional at 11:30pm, led by Rev. Sheena Dickson from St. Georges/Iona Presbyterian Church.

Wednesday, December 25th (Christmas Day): 9am start (instead of normal 10am) at LAUC.

Sunday December 29th: TBD