Linwood Avenue Union Church

The earthquakes of February 22nd and following earthquakes of 2011 has changed the landscape of our city and changed the lives of many people. Our thoughts and prayers to those who have and are suffering. Through good fortune or miracle our Church complex is safe to use and we are open for our church and local community. We are very grateful for the support (physical, financial), prayers  and care we have received from people locally, nationally and internationally.

We have had our building inspected (once again) following the earthquakes of Monday June 13th by a structural engineer and we have been given the all clear to operate from the Church premises.

Linwood Avenue Union Church is an active, all-age community and we’ll be glad to welcome you to our drop in centre, worship services and other activities.
Our tradition is Methodist – Presbyterian – Christian Churches but people from many other church backgrounds (or none) are right at home too!